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Voice Recorder : Recording App
Are you looking for a recording app to record conversations, make audio notes or record long lectures? An all in one recording app? Well, Voice Memo – Audio Recorder is it. Our voice recorder allows you to record personal notes, meetings, lectures and so much more from your phone. It’s the only voice memo app you ever need, and most certainly one of the best recording app!
VIDEO COMPRESSOR Are you looking for simple ways to decrease video size so you can upload them faster?🎬 Besides reducing video size, do you also want to share videos? Meet Compress Video: Downsize Video, which is a versatile video mb size reducer. Have video size reducer for all your video editing
QR GENERATOR & BARCODE MAKER WITH QR CODE SCANNER & BARCODE READER Are you looking for a QR code creator to make a professional QR code for your business, event, organization, NGO, or networking event? Or are you in search of a barcode generator to create unique barcodes with your product code like UPC? Want this QR & barcode generator to be able to scan QR codes and barcodes fast?

Our App Screenshots


Our App Screenshots

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17k+ Customers Love Raysaar

It's a very accurate representation of voice and I tried it with my guitar which is an acoustic six string. It made accurate representation there. that's not easy. lk it's hard k and texture which I have something for free here again for reference purposes to fries so thank you definitely please and ease of use? yes.

Ishita Malhotra

It's good it helps me to capture my songs and I can on that songs with out net it helps me to practice to be a best k-pop I will listen and dance practice by this app only it's good I loved it if I became a K-pop I will thanks to this app only♥️☺️

Kylo James

It's good it helps me to capture my songs and I can on that songs with out net it helps me to practice to be a best k-pop I will listen and dance practice by this app only it's good I loved it if I became a K-pop I will thanks to this app only♥️☺️

Chandini Singh

So good, easy to use, fast, quality recordings, modern interface. I tried all of the sound recorders out there and this is by far the best . I could not recommend this app more. this app obviously hod a lot of effort put into it . Whether you're recording a very important meeting or you just want to record a funny moment to listen to when you're feeling down, get the Voice Recorder. It's free!!!!

Sandra Labrecque

Does well with what it's purposed for on the S9. The UI is simple and easy to use. Though, I haven't tested all the UI options. The audio quality is what you'd expect from your phone so no flaws there from what I can tell. I've recorded 4 hours of audio just to test it and found no issues even when the phone is locked. The app is definitely well developed in my experience.


I've used HUNDREDS of recorder apps for years. recently have gotten this. REALLY appreciate all the different features of this app!! My biggest suggestion, would be when listening to playback, instead of putting a spinning record, to actually be able to see the audio like a mixer app (like how it is when you record) so that you can find certain points quicker. also having a way to bookmark times or make notes about the audio. & the ads to be automatic audio muted. THANK YOU for an awesome app!

Nyssa Twoscoops Phoenix Evolution

I'm really loving this app. The right amount of ads, nothing crazy or that won't let you record peacefully. The app is very simple and easy to use, I can easily share my recordings and if the file happens to be too long, it allows you to convert your recording to different formats. It has all that I need. I def recommend it.

Brenda Rodriguez

Really love this recorder and have used for several years on tablet, now also on ph. Works very well on both. Great quality of audio capture. Has a wave bar shows the level of audio being picked up so you can adjust set up or voice if needed. Nice having a Pause Recording button too. HIGHLY recommend! Would rate 5 if a skip fwd and back button were an option


Well this is the most genuine app ever, it does what it says. It literally downsized a 689mb video into a 68mb video and that too without any loss in quality. The video and audio is crystal clear and high quality. I love this app, a must have and a highly recommend application. Thanks for making such a great app.

Aman Sharma

Normally i don't write reviews on this platform but this app deserves everyone's attention. What a mind blowing result. I AM IMPRESSED !! 900MB vdo converted into 70mb in minutes without losing the quality. The best part about the app is ease of usage. Any Tom dick & harry can navigate & start using it. It's very user friendly. Also, not to forget the choice of compressing options from medium, small & large. Loving it totally.

Zubair Ali

I love this app. I was able 2 record my ex with out him knowing, which was very useful while going through my divorce. Very simple & doesn't use much storage space.

Jeni Hewitt

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Elsie Ross